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This is the news from UN on the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador.
With regard to Japan, 16 days have passed from the first earthquake on 14 April. Aftershocks have been gradually calming down in the area but still not stop definitely.
As of today 66 dead and around 37,000 evacuated however the number has been reducing day by day due to the recovery of water system, electricity, gas. (183,000 at the peak)
Transportation system has been also restored except very hit points so many volunteers are coming into the area.
Japanese members of Workability Asia have entered in the area and started to collect information on the damages of persons with disabilities, families and staff members of the workshops.
Many people from member workshops of neibouring prefectures have arrived and visited persons with disabilities one by one to know their damages and immediate needs.
Many of shelters are not convenient for evacuees with disabilities due to no accessibility, too many people in one place, very lack of manpower to care... 
Relief activities in general including disability sectors are going to expand so sincerely hope that people could get back to their ordinary life as early as possible.
We are also very much concerned about the earthquakes in Ecuador that occurred also same time as Kumamoto, which has been reported almost 700 dead.



Earthquakes in Japan

Big earthquakes have hit Japan since last Friday.


The area is in Kyusyu almost 1,200km south-west from Tokyo.


45 dead, over 1,000 injured and over 120,000 evacuated as of 19 April and still so many aftershocks have continued.


Japanese members of Workability Asia have started their relief actions to survey the damages of their member workshops, persons with disabilities and families.


Workability Asia would like to offer our heartfelt sympathies to the people affected by this disaster.


Please pray with us for minimal damage.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the WAsia Conference 2016 in August in Bangalore, India was postponed to 10th May 2016.
For those thinking the participation please do not hesitate to submit your abstract to share your excellent achievement during the conference.
Please submit your abstract to workability@dnango.org according to the Format and Guidelines.