February 2016 Archives

The Board meeting was held from 10:00 am on 25th January 2016 at the meeting room of the Almond Hotel in Phnom Penh with the attendance of all 5 Directors.

They discussed vigorously on many agendas such as membership, financial, conference updates. They gave most of times to the discussion on the "Towards Sustainable Development of Workability Asia" which is reviewing the structure of the network for its diverse and brighter future. WAsia members are requested to join the discussion at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Bangalore, India on 24th August 2016.The meeting was terminated at 4:00 pm.

Directors participated to the National Workshop on Employment for Persons with Disabilities on 26th January and visited the vocational training center for persons with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people run by the Japan Cambodia Interactive Association JCIA on 27th January.


National Workshop: Employment for Persons with Disability


WAsia Cambodian members EPC, CDMD, KPF and DDSP organized the National Workshop on Employment for Persons with Disabilities at the Tonle Basac Restaurant in collaboration with all stakeholders in disability in Cambodia, the Government, business, DPOs, academics.

From WAsia Katunori Fujii, the Chairperson extended his remarks at the opening session and Deborah Wan, the Vice Chairperson made a presentation on the experiences in Hong Kong to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Also the Director Suporntum Mongkolsawadi gave his remarks at the closing session encouraging closer cooperation among ASEAN countries.

Cambodian organizers said this was a historic event to discuss and promote the employment of persons with disabilities with the participation of all stakeholders.