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Disability NGOs Alliance, DNA will be a hosting organization for the WAsia Conference to be held in 25th - 27th August 2016 in Bangalore, India.
The Association of People with Disability, a WAsia member organization, takes a role as the Secretariat of the DNA.
The introduction of the DNA is as follows.


Disability NGOs Alliance (DNA):

DNA is a registered society. It is an organization of organizations. Founded & led by the leading Disability, Voluntary Organizations in the state. It is farmed for enabling Disability NGOs in the state of Karnataka to work together for the growth of the Disability sector. The focus &drive is on the Growth & adopting the professionalism in the Sector, through its engagement with Government & Civil Society organizations:  DNA creates platform for Disability NGOs, Experts in the sector to share their knowledge & skills with smaller and emerging NGOs to enhance their understanding, knowledge & transfer skills to them. And enable them cover new Geographies & to improve the Quality of interventions for PWDs