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Another earthquake in Nepal

As you might have watched the news another earthquake hit Nepal and countries around two days ago.

Our colleague Ram Prasad has given his report to us under very horrible circumstance.

I would admire and appreciate him and all NRCD members for their relief activities under this very critical situation.

Please read his report below and find the bank detail for your help at the last.

Thank you so much for your supports.

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A second powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 has struck Nepal yesterday, killing even more people (97 till the afternoon) and causing manymore injuries (1,390).

People are in great need and urgently need help!

The epicenter of the quake was centered east of Kathmandu in a hilly area close to the border with Tibet and was also felt in Bangladesh and India.  People were running outside terrified that their already damaged houses would collapse.

The situation is dramatic: 18 days ago the first earthquake left nearly 8,500 people dead, over 19,000 injured, thousands of them are missing and above 5,00,000 homes completed destroyed and about 3,00,000 houses are partially damaged till the date.

Many are in danger of sustaining long-term disabilities (so far above 1,000 like Indira)  She was buried under the
debris of her family's mud house and now has a spinal cord injury.

Out of this number, about 300 PWDs have lost their lives, above 1,700 PWDs have completely lost their homes and property, above 3,000 PWDs' homes are partially damaged till the date so far.

Likewise, the situation of senior citizens, women, children and pregnant women is very terrible and worrisome.

There is no word how can I explain the situation of tragic crying of those wounded and affected people for any kind of help like tent, water, food,medicine, assistive devices etc. 

The Help   is needed more than ever.
Please support us as much as you can with your kind and generous heart at this critical time in Nepal!

Thanks to NRCD supporters like you, together with our partners we were able to assist 500 people with injuries in medical outreach camps, to 1,345 people with relief materials throughout affected districts in the last two weeks and our relief efforts is continuing until we get support from you to provide them required support materials and permanent shelter.

Please help us now whatever you can to ensure that people with disabilities receive the help so urgently need in the aftermath of Nepal's earthquakes.

I am here again writing to you under an open sky. Don't know what is going to happen next but till now I and all my family members are just fine. The worst thing that is happening to us right now is even though there is no any scratch mark in our body; we all are weak mentally from the very day of earthquake.

After such a devastating quake, me along with my office mates gathered around and decided to collect data of the earthquake affected PWDs around the country and provide relief materials to them. We worked for initial relief to the PWDs for 18 days. Till date 750 families of Kathmandu valley were provided with relief materials including tents, food stuffs,wheelchair and other assistive devices...

And now there is a bigger challenge standing in front of us that is a RESIDENCE. As you know this is monsoon season here in Nepal, we have to deal with heavy rainfall, landslides every day.

So, the temporary shelter might not help those people every time as this can stand for few weeks or months. So keeping this thing in mind, NRCD Nepal wants to help all those affected PWDs by providing them a permanent

We recently had a meeting with the Engineers about the LOW BUDGET for their permanent house. As per our data till date, there are above 1,700 families of PWDs are totally affected destroying their homes and property from the quake. So, I as the president of NRCD Nepal want to appeal you to help us in the best way as much as possible.

You can support NRCD Nepal for the immediate help of earthquake victims to Nepalese people with disabilities in the following bank account:

Bank Address:
NRCD Nepal
Citizens Bank International Limited,
Nayabazar Branch, Kathmandu
A/C No: 0150000248 CA

Swift code: CTZNNPKA

Or if you would like to support some relief materials then you can send it in the following mailing address:

National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled Nepal
(NRCD Nepal)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City -16,
Nayabazar, Rayamajhi Tole
Block No. 150/44, G.P.O. Box 11498, Kathmandu

Tel. +977-1-4385526/4358304, Cell No. 977-98511-58304

I hope, you would kindly cerculate this email to all Workability Asia Members,

Anticipating your kind cooperation,

Sincerely yours,
Ram prasad Dhungana,
President, NRCD Nepal

1509158_10204275416593255_8266354099267127707_n.jpg     1472009_465707213585189_2176476107448299431_n.jpg12892_465707130251864_3961981765446577394_n.jpg
We had finally two emails from our colleague in Nepal Mr. Ram Prasad Dhungana, President of National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled Nepal reporting situation right after the earthquake.
We hereby introduce emails and some photos according to his authorization.  
1st report on 1st May 2015
It was almost no chance to be here with you if we were at home during the time while the devasting earthquake happened on 25th April at 11.57 am in the afternoon, on Saturday. I along with my all family members and NRCD Family were celebrating New Year's Eve as per Nepalese calander exchanging greetings, eating delecious food in the picnic just 15 kilometre away from Kathmandu city. At the mean time a terrible earthque happened which we had never been experienced before in the history of Nepal . Since then we had no internet, no electricity, no water, no shelter  till the date, today. We all were in the street in an open sky under tent. Just today when we got back to home it was completely destroyed. Out of 1,773 members of NRCD Nepal throughout nation 179 members have lost their homes, 37 members have lost their family  and 29 members have lost their lives themselves. It hasn't been  long that I finally got access to the internet and here I'm trying to write back to you telling that i'm okay; Yes, I and my entire blood related family were lucky enough to survive this terrifying disaster though we lost our has been almost impossible for me to keep my calm and poise. I think the disaster took it away, took my calm and poise away.
2nd report on 4th May 2015
Thank you very much for your kind concern regarding more details about earthquake victims throughout Nepal. I am very much pleased to get your positive response especially for supporting all affected people with disabilities in Nepal. The information which I got through the members of NRCD Nepal and their families is already sent to  you directly. So far, we, the rest of NRCD Members are busy to collect relief materials like tent, clothes, food and drinking water individually and door to door to distribute them to all affected people with disabilities in Kathmandu and neighboring districts where the access of government is not yet reached. So far NRCD Nepal has distributed 250 pieces of tents, 35 bages of beaten rice, 67 bags of rice, 265 cartoons of noodles, 200 kg of salt, 160 pieces of blankets, 300 pieces of wearing clothes, 500 cartoons of drinking water, some medicines and 150 kilograms of other dry foods  for their immediate help.
On receiving emails Katsunori Fujii, Chairperson of Workability Asia submitted a letter on 1st May to all members seeking help to people affected including persons with disabilities.
Responding this many of WAsia members have started the relief activities to Nepal.
Workability Asia would like to ask all visitors to this website to give your hands to people affected including persons with disabilities.
Please get contact directly to NRCD Nepal to Mr. Ram Prasad Dhungana.
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