The winning photo of the Workability International Photo Competition 2016 – Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation, Bangladesh.
Photo by Syed Antu, free-lance photographer. Honorary service in BPF.
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Workability Asia Secretariat changed from KYOSAREN/Japan to WORKABILITY THAILAND/Thailand from 1st October 2017.


New Secretariat;


Address: 1091/241 CityLink Building 9 fl, soi Phetchburi 35, New Phetchburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathawi, Bangkok, THailand 10400

Tel. +66 2 6501129, +66 900183250

E-mail :

Secretary General: Ms. Sakulthip Keeratiphantawong


We are very much thankful for strong supports and commitments to the Secretariat very long time.

And your supports will be given to new Secretariat continuously to expand more rights in particular right to work of persons with disabilities equally in Asia and the world.


Thank you so much again and we keep in touch.

Hong Kong Conference Photo Gallery and Presentations - Events

Workability Asia newsletter Vol.29 (July 2017) - Newsletter

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 - From the Board

 - 2017 Hong Kong conference

 - The Changeover of the WAsia Secretariat from Japan to Thailand

 - From the Secretariat

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Workability Asia newsletter Vol.28 (May 2017) - Newsletter

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 - From the Board

 - From Workability Thailand

 - 2017 Hong Kong conference

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Time flies. Almost one month has passed since WI/WAsia Conference in Hong Kong.

430 delegates including 220 from 24 countries/areas from the world gathered in Kerry Hotel.

Moreover more than 100 staff members and volunteers contributed to work for the conference, exhibitions and study visits.

More than 50 speakers presented their successful experiences in plenary sessions and parallel sessions as well.

Delegates had a good opportunity to learn from organizations in Hong Kong in the study visit on Day 3.

It was a really significant and historical forum to discuss and exchange among participants to promote more employment of persons with disabilities everywhere in the world.

Participants actively joined discussion in and outside the room.


On behalf of Workability Asia I would extend my sincere appreciation to the members of Organizing Committee and Secretariat of Hong Kong for their outstanding management of the conference and warmest hospitality to all of the delegates.

Thank you also for members of Workability Asia for your strong commitments and contribution to the conference.

Hong Kong Conference was a great success and we should be moving forward towards an inclusive society where persons with disabilities could enjoy full of rights including a right to work.


Our Auditor, Joy Garcia will give you an excellent detail report of the conference in the WAsia Newsletter to be issued within the month.


Workability Asia Conference will be placed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 3rd - 5th September 2018 hosting by our members in Cambodia.

Let us all unite again in Phnom Penh next year!


Thank you so much again for your great supports to Hong Kong Conference.


With kindest regards,